Tiger Bay WFTDA ECC 2019 Fundraisers

Ever since the 3rd of July when the Tiger Bay Brawlers found out they were invited to the European Continental Cup in Helsinki, we made a decision to do all we could to get every eligible skater and member of leadership there regardless of financial cost. 

‘HOW CAN I HELP?!’  we hear you roar. Well my friends, here are some of the events that have been, that are happening as I type, and future events you’re not gonna wanna miss! Read below to find out more.


TBB Presents: Nervous Rex, MOGAN, Panic Shack, Boxcat – Gig!

Party like a Tiger Bay Brawler at our upcoming fundraiser gig on the 29th September at 6pm, at The Moon in Cardiff. Gender neutral bathrooms and FOUR top bands that will deliver some live music after signing a Music Contract. This is a family event so all ages are welcome! 6 pounds on the door, 4 bands for 6 pounds! That’s maaaadness.


JustGiving Crowdfunder

So, you may have heard, that we’re fundraising to go to Helsinki. Well if you’re at this point in the blog and you haven’t donated yet, but you want to, head to our crowdfunding page and donate whatever you can and we will be forever grateful! Pennies make pounds.


Donna’s Nail Boutique 

Our very own Thrill Collins is a bit of a whizz when it comes to nail beauty and is willing to take your boring regular nails and transform them into SPIRIT FINGERS for a donation! You can get directly in touch with Thrill via Instagram messenger to name a time and place.


Road to Helsinki

Did you know it’s 1825 miles from Cardiff to Helsinki? Well it is, ask Google and the Tiger Bay Beauts are hop, jump and skipping their way there by doing extra cardio be it in the gym, in a pool or just out on the streets! Help us reach our milestone and head to our fundraiser page and donate whatever you can!

Friendship Bracelets 

‘And what’s the kind of boat that can never, ever sink?… A friend-ship.’ That’s right folks! So what better way to tell you friend you love them than your very own friendship bracelets. Not to mention that they’re made by our very own Billie Pistol! You can contact her through email at Billiepistol44@gmail.com, tell her want you want, and boom, you and your BFF will be the coolest cubs on the block.



Roll up roll up (see what we did there) and get you raffle tickets! We’ve already had 2 raffles, our skater bundle online raffle and a home game raffle. But there’s more! We’ll be having some local music and venue prizes at the September gig mentioned above, as well as a facebook auction featuring some unique  goodies donated by local businesses! Keep your eyes peeled on our social media to find out more.



Teacup Plants 

I’m not sure what more needs to be said. Plants in teacups people! Put together by our very own captain Baxter. These beauties were found on a stall at our home game.

Litter Pick

Some of the Tiger Bay Brawlers teamed up with Cardiff City Council and went litter picking in the community. We managed to fill around 10 bags of rubbish, all in aid of getting donations and giving back to the community.

Kemps Cake

Tiger Bay’s Mary Berry introduced the world to her buttery biscuit base skills and as if anyone could refuse, auctioned it off and raised 40 big ones! Nice one Kemp!

Hyps did Tough Mudder

Our new transfer skater Hyps, took to the mud and smashed it! She raised 200 pounds in donations, and yes, she got electrocuted at the end. She’s still ready to meet you on track though.

Well, that’s all folks! Don’t forget to follow Tiger Bay Brawlers on all our social media for updates in the run up to the Continental Cup and all the action whilst we’re there. I guess there’s only one thing left to say…. DO YOU WANT A F***ING MEDAL?!


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