Learn To Skate Stories: Jen Geroni

Tiger Bay’s next Learn to Skate course is starting March 14th, and we’d love for you to join us!

Jen Geroni joined us by graduating to main league from our Learn to Skate sessions. She is currently skating on our B team and hopes to improve her derby skills enough to move up to the A team this year, as well as learning to referee. She shares her story with us here:


“I found out about Learn to Skate from a work colleague of mine who skated with the Brawlers, and persuaded me to give skating a go. I’m so glad I did; everyone was really friendly and supportive, and there were lots of different skill levels so I didn’t feel out of place.


Learn to Skate taught me everything I needed to know to start playing derby, and helped me be more confident on roller skates than I ever could have imagined! The sessions made me feel excited to be learning something new, amazed at how far I could push my body, and sore from pushing my body so far!

I would tell anyone thinking of learning to skate to just give it a go – there are skates and safety gear that you can borrow whilst you’re learning, so you have nothing to lose! I had never played a contact sport before this, and it is so much fun. I’d be lying if I said it never hurt, but when you’re playing you hardly notice anything over the buzz of adrenaline.


Learning to skate and play roller derby has made me much fitter, so much stronger, and much more confident in participating in sport in general. I’ve also made so many new friends!”

For more information on joining our course, please visit http://brawlers.co.uk/learn-to-skate-with-tiger-bay/ and join our facebook group here https://www.facebook.com/groups/1003444216514713/

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