Coaching Opportunities

Here at Brawler HQ we’re lucky enough to have a dedicated team of coaches who give up their time to teach skills, technique, strategy and all things derby to our skaters (not to mention the hours of off-skate work they put in viewing footage and preparing sessions and feedback).

We’re pleased to announce that you can now book them for coaching sessions for your league!

Is there something specific your league would like to work on?  Here are some examples of what we can cover:

  • Fresh Meat and nailing your Minimum Skills
  • Blocking like a Boss
  • Team and pack work
  • Jamming (skills/footwork/edge work/strategy)
  • Basic strategy and game play
  • Advanced strategy and game play
  • Off skate coaching and mentoring (captaining/coaching/footage viewing/feedback)

This list is not exhaustive and our coaches can build a session plan to suit your needs, so if you’re interested then please get in touch and we can discuss your requirements and training as well as dates and rates.

Please contact to discuss your ideas – all are welcomed!

Coaching Team

Billie PistolBillie Pistol is one of the founding members of Tiger Bay and has been a main coach since 2011. She has been in the A team since Tiger Bay first started competing. Billie has a passion for skating, and loves coming up with new drills to help you blast through a pack!  Billie is a self-proclaimed derby nerd, and often helps to set our A teams goals by using pretty complex algorithms.

PIPPip Gray has been skating since our first freshmeat intake in 2011, and has worked up to becoming a member of the A team, using her experience as a blocker in games against some of the toughest teams world wide within her coaching.
Specialising in tactical play, defence and offence techniques, Pip has gained insights into the highest level of gameplay from attending bootcamps, mixed games and her time training at a national level with Team England.

THRILL COLLINSThrill Collins is a founding member of Tiger Bay and has been a core member of the A team since 2011. Her coaching style, like her playing style, is geared towards teamwork and strategy as well as looking at the dynamics of the pack and how the individuals can best work together to achieve their on track goals.

NeilHeladoNeil Helado. Coach, captain and founding member of men’s team South Wales Silures.  Neil also coached the men’s Welsh team to a brutal 6th place finish at the World Cup, and has bench coached Tiger Bay Brawlers for a over year now. His coaching style is very much like his coat collection – understated and worthy of jealousy!

HELLO REESHII Hello Reeshii joined TBB in our first ever recruitment session in April 2010 and she has been a staple part of the A team since our very first game.  Whilst primarily a blocker Reeshii has been known to don the star and her physical play style makes her a huge crowd favourite.  Her coaching style is as flexible as her play style as she coaches both jamming and blocking techniques to any level of skater.

BLOXIE BLACKOUTBloxie has been a double threat for Tiger Bay since making the A team in December 2011. She was selected to play for Team England in 2014, where she went on to help her team earn Silver in the World Cup. She is a valued coach for both Tiger Bay’s junior league and main league and has just been voted in as captain for Tiger Bay’s A team.
She can teach you how to tap into your inner strength and the techniques behind body advantage in blocking and jamming roles. Outside of skating, Bloxie is a qualified personal trainer and takes weekly fitness classes.

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