Brawler for Life

Brawler fan and musician Phil Brookes has recorded his own Brawler anthem.  We would like to share it with you and say a massive thank you to Phil for all the effort he’s put into this great anthem.  The Brawlers vets and Tiger Bay Cubs voiced the awesome chants and the amazing vocals are by Leanne Brookes.


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[quote style=”boxed”]BRAWLER FOR LIFE

I’m a Brawler, No compromise
Play with conviction, it’s my way of life
I’m a Tiger, power within
Willing to die, because I’m living to win
Surrounded by family that founded my passion in stone
Wherever we travel I’ll always play home
Because I’m a Brawler. A Brawler For Life.
The Inspiration, Teamwork defined.
Love is our strength because Hate Skates Blind
The Dedication, The Sacrifice
To be the best we’re willing to pay the price
When the battle is done I might take off the stripes
But when tomorrow comes
I’m A Brawler for Life. I’m a Brawler. A Brawler For Life. [/quote]

Phil said :  In a conversation with Kid Block and vocalist Leanne Jay Brookes I realised what an exciting opportunity it would be to write and record an anthem for the Tiger Bay Brawlers.  Not just because I’m a huge fan of Derby, Rocky montages & wrestling themes, but the inspirational passion the Brawlers possess is something I could really identify with to my love for music.

Immediately after the conversation I imagined “Tiger Bay” being shouted to a huge drum beat reminiscent of Queen. Knowing how dedicated to derby the Brawlers are, I really felt it was necessary for their voices to be the ones chanting, so I took a microphone to one of their practices and they let rip. I left with an enthusiastic smile on my face and their roars of “Brawler For Life” still ringing in my ears.

The lyrics came from talking to a couple of the Brawlers and finding out what an important part of their life Derby had become since joining the team, as well as the huge emphasis they place on teamwork and positivity. As for the epic guitars and empowering vocals, they were kind of a natural fit with the full contact nature of the sport.

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