2013: A Skate Odyssey

The Tiger Bay Brawlers are delighted to announce they’ve been invited to take part in the WFTDA affiliated tournament 2013: A Skate Odyssey, hosted by Gent Go-Go Rollergirls, in Gent (Belgium) on May 10th-12th 2013.

Recent results for the Brawlers, including a historic win against London Rollergirls’ Brawl Saints in February and a recent double win in their first international bouts against Go Go Gent and One Love Roller Dolls have moved them into second place in the European rankings (unofficial), which will no doubt put them in a strong position for the tournament.

While the seedings and schedule for the tournament have not yet been released, Tiger Bay will facing some of the following teams during this 3 day tournament:

Berlin Bombshells
Crime City Rollers
GO-GO Gent
Helsinki Roller Derby
Leeds Roller Dolls
Lincolnshire Bombers
Rainy City Roller Girls
Royal Windsor Roller Girls
Stockholm Roller Derby

Coach and A Team Captain Kid Block said “As Captains we’re incredibly proud of what we consistently achieve as a team. Our first thought after every game is ‘how do we improve? How do we get even stronger?’ and that thirst for progress undoubtedly promotes success. This is no different even after our recent fantastic wins; tournament prep has already started and we look forward to returning to Belgium next month to face more strong competitors on track”

Co Captain Lola Coaster added “Achieving lots of firsts for Wales has always been something we’ve been really excited about – the longest running team, first public game, first junior league etc – but now we’re being recognised on a much bigger scale and becoming one of the most successful teams in Europe. It’s mind blowing!”

More information on the tournament is available from www.2013skod.com, and you can follow the Brawlers on Facebook or Twitter @tigerbaybrawler.

Help us get to Gent! Please donate to our fundraiser!

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