2013: A Skate Odyssey Review


It’s hard to believe it’s only been a week since we arrived back from Gent, following our first European tournament. But now that our skates are beginning to hit the ground again we thought it time to put a little recap up.

One of our league goals for 2013 was to take part in a European tournament, so we were delighted when we were invited to the WFTDA affiliated 2013: A Skate Odyssey, along with 9 other top teams in Europe.

When the seedings for the tournament were announced, we found out we’d been placed 4th overall, and knew our first opponents would be Malmö’s Crime City Rollers (seeded 5th).


Our opening game proved to be a tough initiation into the tournament, but despite a lead change close to the end, we held Crime City to a 244-212 win. You can read the DNN match report here.

We were delighted to find out our next round would see us face Helsinki. We’d seen them play twice in the tournament already, and were confident that our style of play matched theirs. We were also aware that their game play improved in the second half, which was something we needed to keep in our minds. Helsinki remained true to form, coming from a 113-46 deficit at the end of the first half to a lead of 165-158 with just over a minute to go! The last two heart stopping jams saw us finish with just a 3 point lead of 168-165 – putting us into the final against Berlin. You can read the DNN match report here.

And so the final game of the tournament, and we faced Berlin. Berlin dominated the first half, and we entered the second half with a score of 110-35 in Berlin’s favour. But our determination to succeed (and the overwhelming support of the crowd) enabled us to chip away at this deficit, and we went into the final jam with a blisteringly close 152-149 score… another 3 point difference, but this time in our opponents favour. with Kid Block up against Berlin’s Master Blaster on the jam line this was still anyone’s game, but with just 28 seconds left Master Blaster got lead, and called in with no score change. You can read the DNN match report here.

As a team we’re immensely proud of our performance, and the experiences we had over the three days. We’re excited by how well we played, and are going to be using the lessons from this tournament to build on our skills and strategy.


We’d like to extend a HUGE thank you to all our supporters, to everyone who donated to our fund-raising drive, and to everyone within the league that helped to get us to Gent.

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